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Patient Preparation

Grey kitten

Patients will need to be starved for 12 hours prior to assessment and water will need to be withheld for two hours before unless there is a medical requirement.

Please advise the owners that the patients will require clipping.

Please discuss the potential need for sedation with the owners and have a protocol ready if this necessary. Pre-visit anxiolytics (such as gabapentin) can also be very helpful, especially for our feline patients.

If there is likelihood that there will be If organ/lesion sampling is likely to be required, please obtain consent from the owner prior to the assessment for this, as well as obtaining consent for sedation/general anesthesia.

Ideally patients should not have an empty bladder for the assessment.

Ready to book an ultrasound?

All scans will be carried out on-site at your practice with the assistance of practice staff.

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